In 1968 Patti McLoughlin (now Patti Brady), spent more than six weeks as a student visiting our Sister City, Okayama, Japan. She lived with two families a total of 5 weeks and stayed with three other families. The visit left an indelible impression on her which she would like to share with all of you. The delegation arriving in San Jose in just a few days will include a contingent of former exchange students from Okayama, host parents of exchange students that went from San Jose to Okayama and their friends. Many private reunions will be held. Many memories revisited and many new friends made. This is an important part of the citizen-to-citizen relationship that Sister Cities is all about.

The public is welcome to attend the Flag raising at San Jose City Hall, 2pm, Friday, 4/21

Patti’s words from 1968 follow:

“During my 3 months in Japan I visited Tokyo, Nikko, Kobe, Yokohama, Hiroshima Nara and other interesting sights What did I like most? Well, the answer is the people. The people in Okayama (and for that matter everywhere we went) gave us their friendship and their love.  On the streets, in the little towns, the beach and at all our talks they listened with interest and sincere friendship in mind. They made me feel welcome, at home and they let me become a part of their everyday life. Through this they have contributed to the understanding of our two nations. Although we are different in many aspects we can still live happily side-by-side productively and helping one another. That fact it is possible could prove to everyone we can have brotherhood. To me the road to brotherhood lies in the understanding of the ideas, the customs and the cultures of our foreign neighbors – sister city relationships prove this!


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  1. In 1960 I was an exchange student to Okayama, together with Patricia McLaughlin (now Patricia Brady). The program changed my life and my awareness of the world, for which I remain grateful.
    I wish you all well at this gathering to celebrate 60 years of the San Jose – Okayama Sister City Program. Please send me an address for Patricia and for any of the current organizers.

    Richard (Dick) Peterson

    1. HI Mr. Peterson,

      Here’s Patti Brady’s email! Patti Brady

      She’s hoping that you’ll email her. She wrote that a number of former students had tried to find you.
      I hope you are still looking at this webpage occasionally.

      My email is:
      and I’m President of SJ-Okayama Sister Cities (^^)



      1. EMAIL! —
        And – Patti Brady is looking for you. She says that multiple people have tried to find you, so they were happy to have

        Her email:

  2. Dear Mr. Peterson,

    I’m so sorry that it’s taken over a year to reply to you!
    We’ve had many changes in our little organization, but I hope that you are still well and still interested!

    Patti is well and emails when I do send something out.
    We will be making up an application for eight students (potentially) from Okayama to come this summer for a short high school exchange. And we are planning a fundraiser sometime in late spring or early summer too. And we’ll have a craft booth at Nikkei Matsuri (annual festival) May 5th in Japantown SJ!

    I really hope that you haven’t given up on us – although I wouldn’t blame you if you did!

    Best regards,


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