ARTwork – Students from 1960’s-70’s

Artist, Mr. Kozu Ihara, Okayama, Japan.

This is just one of the pieces of artwork among over two hundred that were found in the garage of a local resident who had taken care of the estate of a friend after his friend’s death. The gentleman was an art teacher at local schools. And perhaps, at some time was either involved in the art exchange or wanted to protect the artwork that so many students had sent from their homes and schools in Okayama, Japan to San Jose, CA USA.

Some of these paintings are on display in the Rotunda wing of the San Jose City Hall. The exhibit is curated by Robin Treen. The San Jose-Okayama Sister Cities committee is looking for people who might remember this exchange which took place in the 1960’s and 1970’s through perhaps Lincoln High School or other local downtown schools.

If you have any information or this jogs your memory and would like to find out more, please email: and we’ll be sure to get back to you!

2017 April, will see a delegation of about 100 people from Okayama, Japan. They will fly ANA to Mineta International Airport for a three day celebration of the 60th Anniversary of the San Jose-Okayama Sister City relationship!

Come one, Come all! All local citizens are invited to the many events that will be open to the public! Please mark your calendars and prepare for a fun time!

Downtown Doors

This fabulous piece of artwork by an Nene Ozaki, a¬†high school student from Okayama, Japan was selected but the San Jose Downtown Foundation to grace one of the ‘doors’ of Downtown San Jose. Her explanation of her drawing/collage is that she sometimes feels isolated and when she does, she draws things that she really likes, and that makes her feel better. She wanted the piece to select her own sensibilities and joys in life.

The piece is called “Self confirmed Style.”

Nene will receive a small stipend as will her school.

SJ-Okayama Sister Cities worked with both the SJ Downtown Foundation & Okayama, Japan, and is the very proud sponsor of this door.