Visit from our Friends in Okayama

November 12-15, 2015

There were meetings with Matt Mahood of San Jose Silicon Valley Chamber of Commerce, Team San Jose and the Mayor of San Jose, Sam Liccardo and an Opening Ceremony & Symposium for the Silicon Valley Office of the University of Okayama attended by Consul General of Japan, Jun Yamada, The President of Okayama University, Dr. Kiyoshi Morita, the President of San Jose State University, Susan Martin, Dean Ruth Huard, San Jose State University and Councilmember District 3, City of San Jose, Raul Peralez.

There were five delegates from the City of Okayama and 15 delegates from the University of Okayama
The Symposium highlighted presentations on Big Data, Cybersecurity/Cryptography, BioTech and BioMed
The University of Okayama Hospital is a teaching institution as well as a full working hospital and rated in the top 10 Universities in Japan.


The visit included a trip to Kelley Park Japanese Friendship Garden in San Jose ( the bridge and the lantern photos below), Santana Row, San Jose Convention Center, San Pedro Square and City Hall.
Of course, we had to include a photo of the Momotaro Statue which was given in friendship to the City of San Jose by the City of Okayama many years ago. Our park rangers are now caring for the statue which is located just behind the Center for Performing Arts in Downtown San Jose.

Yamamoto-san, Hashimoto-san, Mori-san, Ozawa-San and Maesaka-san
We hope you had a good time! We miss you already!