Why are San Jose and Okayama City Sister Cities?

Before San Jose came to be known as the capitol of Silicon Valley, it was known for its beautiful and bountiful orchards. From the top of the hills around San Jose, a person could look out across the valley over blossoms of peaches, apricots, and plum trees! The Valley of Hearts delight made itself known in other dimensions with the advent of the silicon chip. Innovation and hi-tech made Silicon Valley a mecca for the digital revolution as farmers moved either further south or north to accommodate the growth of these new companies.

Close to 60 years of changes in each city still reflect the beginning of the relationship with a lasting appreciation for artisans, artistry and our person-to-person experiences. There is care taken to cherish the past and look towards the future.

The Convention and Visitors Bureau of Okayama features a welcome message (in English!) from the Governor of Okayama Prefecture!



And from San Jose – we’re also all about the sunshine!

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