Participating in: Okayama University Silicon Valley Office (OUSVO) Opening Ceremony & Symposium

EXCITING NEWS! Okayama University will be opening a Silicon Valley office
and we will have a few visitors from Japan to welcome to San Jose for the celebrations!
The event will be held at the Fairmont Hotel in downtown San Jose and can be attended by invitation only.

We look forward to forming new relationships and good memories!

(Kathy, posting for SJOSC)

San Jose Okayama Sister Cities

50th Anniversary Friendship Art-Light Wall
50th Anniversary Friendship Art-Light Wall
50th Anniversary Logo
Two sided banner (different graphic on each side) created and hung for the 50th Anniversary in San Jose
Two sided banner (different graphic on each side) created and hung for the 50th Anniversary in San Jose

This is the beginning of a new website/blog for the newly formed San Jose Okayama Sister Cities!

Our mission is to support and sustain the 58 year relationship between the
Cities of San Jose, California and Okayama, Japan.

This relationship is the third Sister City relationship begun between a city in the USA and a city in another country since the program was begun by
USA President Dwight D. Eisenhower, in 1956. The San Jose/Okayama Sister City relationship began in 1957.

There are, at this date, 522 US cities in 143 countries. It is a model of citizenship and sharing to promote understanding and goodwill between the citizens of the sister cities.

For more information about Sister Cities International, please visit the link below

To contact San Jose Okayama Sister Cities, please email:

(IMAGES: (top to bottom, left to right)
Header Image – flags at San Jose City Hall at the 2014 Sister Cities International Conference)
1-the Friendship Art Project winning design as seen on a building in from of Okayama Station. All schools in Okayama were invited to submit their original designs.  2-the logo created for the 50th Anniversary, 3-the banner created and hung downtown and around Japantown. from the 50th Anniversary Celebrations when over 300 visitors came from the City of Okayama, Japan to San Jose in 2007 in the first Jumbo jet to land at San Jose Airport/Mineta International Airport)